These days doilies are mostly seen in homes where they have been passed down from generations. Given how we didn’t have any growing up but envying those that did, I decided to start making them to add some flair to my own house. Once I started, the lacy vintage patterns are what called to me most and I love to try and create them. In a way, doilies are the best for my artistic expression.

Comments and feedback are welcome, orders will be appreciated even more! 😉

Oval Pineapple doily
Lace Doily
Table cloth for Ma
In place!



2013-04-17 21.58.11

2013-03-28 07.00.04

2013-03-26 03.32.30

2013-05-23 04.13.38

2013-04-17 21.57.33

2013-04-17 21.57.56

before blocking

2013-05-05 00.28.04

2013-06-02 23.58.24-1

Christmas celebrations!

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