The Crazy ‘Hooker’ Behind the Balls of Yarn!

Look, ain't I dainty?If you follow the rules, you miss all the fun! 🙂

It’s been my ‘mantra’ since I don’t know when. I’ve been known as being ‘the girl with the crazy signature.’

My work more often than not reflects the same attitude. Almost always, anywhere I can, I try and sign my own work (if they are mistakes, on pain of death, I’ll never tell!).

Crochet is a very new form of handiwork for me, something that calls to me like none other so far. Right now I am following the footsteps ( instructions and patterns) of the more experienced in the community.

In these pages, I am going to capture my adventures in this new tangle of yarns; hope you enjoy it (I know my cat would if I had one!). I would also love to see your feedback and  comments on my work.

Also, if you feel that I can undertake anything of your liking, I am more than happy to take commissioned projects. If you like any of the completed projects displayed on this website and wish to acquire them, please leave me a note – I would love to know your offer, unless I have sold them already!




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