Oval tablecloth

Technically, it’s a centerpiece for a table! lol. but, since this is my first foray, let’s call it a table cloth! :D

Table cloth The design is American Weekly Design 3154. Many thanks to The Celtic Vintage Crochet group on Yahoo


It’s done in Mercerized cotton with size 20 thread and it’s approximately 22 x 32 inches.

Ma decided to use it! :D so it’s gracing her table for now, as shown in the first picture.

A Bolero


I was looking for a pattern for a shrug, when I came across this one.

Till date, i never tried to make wearables (ones that need actual measurements, to be precise), therefore, the gauge was a little tough for me to follow. Mainly because i didn’t have access to the mentioned yarn, and had to improvise. BUT, after a considerable amount of do-overs, here it is!! :D

A testament to my ability to extemporise! :p



And… miracle of miracles, it FITS!!!!

Galaxy Cluster Doily

Can't believe I finished that!
Galaxy Cluster Doily

This is a wonderful written pattern By Susan Palmer.

I was honoured to be one of the test crocheters! :D and hence this finished piece.  Susan was gracious enough to use my picture in the pattern. Also, the best part about her work is that this pattern is a gift from her. It’s free on Ravelry.

Here’s hoping i find a customer for this so i can make another one. This was so much fun to make! Cheers!